Mission Statement: The purpose of this site is to say stuff about the Astros. Interesting stuff, fun stuff, boring stuff…it really doesn’t matter. The goal is fun + baseball.

History: In 2017, the Houston Astros finally won their first World Series Championship. Their motto for that season was, “Earn History.”

Inspired by that motto, and after years of generating profit for a soul-sucking corporate entity for little or no compensation, CRPerry13, other former writers of sweatshop goliaths, and a surprisingly large group of fans rapidly formed this website.

We are unpaid fans, doing this as a hobby.

Community: We have a large and ever-growing Slack community that welcomes all comers to talk about Major- and Minor-league baseball, with a heavy Houston slant. We have a podcast. We have the best writers on the planet. We welcome all comers.

If you wish to contribute, stop into Slack or send an email. Unless you are physically incapable of stringing coherent sentences together, we would love to read your work!

A note about paying writers: At this time, we do not intend to pay our writers, nor to derive any profit from this website. It is advertisement-free and will remain that way unless somebody wants to give us a bajillion dollars. The reasoning is simple:

  1. We do not want writers to feel pressured by a paycheck to contributing more than they feel they can.
  2. We do not believe in paying an unfair wage to our writers, and realistically do not expect the ability to generate enough revenue to pay a large number of writers fairly.
  3. The head editor set this up strictly for fun and is only adding donations under pressure from enthusiastic Astros fans to make the site better.
  4. Setting this up as a for-profit business with taxes and logistics of payroll sounds like a huge pain in the butt.