Astros acquire Roberto Osuna for Ken Giles and things

How does one write about a baseball transaction in which one’s favorite team is acquiring a player who is going to court to answer domestic abuse charges?

I considered not writing at all. Maybe that’s still the best course.

Instead, I’m just going to stick to facts, and let the outrage rampage on Twitter and Facebook take care of the rest.

So here are facts, in no particular order:

  1. The Astros traded embattled reliever Ken Giles, fading prospect pitcher David Paulino, and #10 organizational prospect pitcher Hector Perez to the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for suspended closer Roberto Osuna on July 30, 2018.
  2. Osuna was suspended for 75 games for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy after being arrested by Toronto police on suspicion of assaulting a woman. He pleaded not guilty.
  3. Osuna chose not to appeal his MLB suspension.
  4. The details of what Osuna has been accused of and the circumstances leading up to it have not been made public.
  5. The Astros issued an upbeat statement regarding their acquisition of Osuna and defended their diligence prior to making this deal. Osuna released a statement also.
  6. Osuna is a 23-year-old right handed pitcher who has already tallied an impressive 104 saves during his first three-plus seasons, with a 2.87 ERA and 2.64 FIP.  His 1.61 BB/9 walk rate is 5th-lowest among 221 qualified relievers since 2015. He has two arbitration seasons remaining after 2018 before reaching Free Agency.
  7. Ken Giles punched himself in the face once.
  8. Giles also appeared to cuss out his manager once.
  9. Giles’ performance melted down during the 2017 playoffs, and was benched during the World Series in favor of Charlie Morton and Brad Peacock. Since, his ERA has been a mess. He had a 4.99 ERA with the Astros in 2018 before his demotion immediately after the swearing incident.  In five innings with Triple-A Fresno, he has allowed five earned runs.
  10. Giles, 27, also has two arbitration seasons remaining after 2018. He has 77 career major league saves.
  11. Perez was the Astros’ #10 prospect. He is a right-hander who reached Double-A this season, and has struggled with walks for the majority of his professional career.
  12. Paulino was once one of the Astros top five prospects, but along with receiving an 80-game suspension for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug, was also disciplined by the team for other presumably unrelated reasons.
  13. Paulino has a 6.25 ERA in 36 major league innings.

So, there. Facts. In this post, I intentionally make no statement about the morality of knowingly acquiring a player accused, but not convicted, of domestic abuse. I make no recommendation as to how this news should be received by Astros fans.

Perhaps this is how news should be reported. It’s just…news.

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