Working Title: MCN’s Open Notes From The Game – Hooks vs SA, June 17!

MCN has been kind enough to grace us with some game notes from the minors!  If anyone else goes to a game and wants to put some notes together, send them my way and I’ll post them for ya!  If you take pictures (Like Mr. MCN did of Alvarez up there in the featured header) I’ll use it as the featured image!

Now for the notes!

  • Perez is as advertised. Premium stuff. FB mostly 94-95 but he hit 96 on several occasions and in last inning did not dip below 94 as he had in previous innings. Curve mostly in low 80s with more of a late break on the ball rather than a fat looping shape. Cionel threw some really nice changeups (86-88 MPH), also quite a few stinkers that he left up and got punished for it.
  • SA is a pretty well-stocked offensive team. Like last outing on 6/11, they made Cionel work by fouling off lots of pitches and laying off balls out of the zone. Still, they were not able to knock him out of the box… just ran his pitch count up high enough that he was pulled. Exciting young pitcher.
  • Won’t speak of Framber Valdez other than to say he fed SA far too many cookies.
  • Riley Ferrell on the other hand, wow. WOW! Came out of the pen in the 7th with 2 out and 2 on and got out of the jam. He then dominated the next 2 innings to close the game out with a FB at 97-99 in both innings with nice location. Very few in a choice spot to get crushed. Slider was 86-88 but did not throw it as often as I recall in the past. Did get a couple Ks swinging on it, tho. Very impressive. He has allowed 1 unearned run in last 10 appearances which total 13.0 IP, 5 H, 2 BB, 18 Ks. This looks to be the guy we hoped to get when drafted in the 3rd round back in 2015.
  • The Hooks’ offense was stymied for much of the game by a big, lefty poo-baller. Mostly living in the 70s with an assortment of off-speed pitches, dude never exceeded 88 with his FB. But they eventually got to him and the bullpen in the 6th-8th innings to earn the win and take the lead in the Texas League South Division with all the marbles on the line tonight at Nelson Wolff Stadium.
  • This was my first live look at Yordan Alvarez. Like most of the team he was made to look bad in first AB by the poo-baller, flailing badly at a ball out of the zone away for a K. Next AB produced a fairly well struck grounder to first. Third AB is what we pin our hopes on. Same matchup: lefty poo-baller v lefty power. Yordan lays off the slop most had been chasing earlier to get the count to 3-0. After the obligatory let’s see if he can get one over for a strike strike comes in, the BLPB got one up in the inner half and Yordan yanked it down the line and over the 340′ fence in right. Easy power. Would be his third homer in first two games back from DL except for the game in Midland not being completed due to rain and no ability to make it up in the first half of season.
  • Also my first look at Chas McCormick and it was impressive. Good patience at plate. First AB, while errrbody else was struggling against the BLPB, McCormick smoked a liner to left for a single that the very fat former first round pick Josh Naylor could not corral cleanly so McCormick smartly snatched second. In next 2 ABs he worked walks against the starter. He showed further smarts on basepaths, too. In addition to taking the extra base on the single, he stole 3B and went first to third on a soft single to left, catching Naylor loafing. In 38 PAs so far in AA baseball, McCormick has K’d a total of 4x. As a 21st round pick in 2017 from Millersville University in Pennsylvania after his senior year, Chas is not a great bet to be a regular in the majors but it sure was fun to watch a guy playing his heart out and being rewarded for it. If he keeps this up he will have a chance to be a 4th OFer somewhere.
  • That’s pretty much my view of Josh Rojas, too. Baseball rat who does everything he can to maximize production from the talent he has. Fun to watch. Will absolutely help his team every day so great example for the entire roster. Probably just not quite enough in the talent store to be a regular but he’s quality depth at the ready in the high minors or on the bench in the majors with a middling club

Thanks MCN!  Everyone who didn’t go to the game is jealous you got to go watch baseball in person while the rest of us just read about it!

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