Astros Draft Tracker – Who is signed, Who isn’t signed, and Thanks MCN!

Why thank MCN?  He’s the resident History-Earned prospects and draft guy, and that deserves your thanks!  Also, he compiled all of the information below!


First, the good news! The Astros have signed the following draft picks!  The slot value is in parenthesis.  The number is the order the Astros picked them in, not their actual draft number. If there isn’t a dollar value listed, the amount signed for is unknown.

#1 Seth Beer - 1B / OF - $2.25 million ($2,399,400)
Seth Beer
#3 Jeremy Peña - $535,000 ($549,700)
#5 Cody Deason - RHP - $285,000 ($306,100)
#7 Cesar Salazar - C - $160,000 ($187,000)
#8 Austin Hansen - RHP - $156,500 ($156,500)
#9 Scott Schreiber - OF / 1B
#10 Chandler Taylor - OF - $70,000 ($136,800)
#12 Mark Moclair - RHP
#15 Trey Dawson - SS
#16 Alex Holderbach - C
#18 Michael Wielansky - SS
#20 Austin Dennis - OF
#22 Marty Costes - OF
#25 Logan Mattix - OF
#26 David Hensley - IF
#27 Juan Paulino - C
#30 Trey Dawson - SS

What can we learn from the above? That guys who don’t sign don’t get their names on this draft blog post.  So all you newly drafted guys that want to be noticed?  Sign and get your name on our pretty wall!  I’ll even update your name to a color of your choice if contacted via slack!  If you send me a picture I’ll post it next to your name so everyone can see your pretty face!  Seth gets his picture because Getty took one.  Thanks Getty!