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Hello again!  I’m sure many of you have missed this mostly daily links thread, but it’s back!  Mostly!  Pro tip for those of you who want to post mostly daily links: Don’t travel overseas!  The internet is mediocre and everything is censored!

ENJOY THE OPPOSING TEAM FEATURED IMAGE.  Beat the Astros in a series and your team could also get the featured image in a daily links post.  WE REWARD SUCCESS AROUND HERE


The Astros played the Yankees tonight.  And they struck out.  A lot.  Like…2015 a lot.  Have an ESPN recap.  You want a chron recap?  Fine.  Only because it’s my first post in a month.  Don’t get used to it!  You’ll normally only get those when the Astros win!  When they lose you get to read what the winning team’s guys say about you (and yeah, the Yankees are an ESPN team)

You know what people in the sports world think?  That the Astros have a bad bullpen and that they should make a trade for some guy from Kansas City.  I mostly did this to make CRPerry’s head explode.


It’s been a while, so lets start out nice:  Here’s someone else completely destroying his teams hopes and dreams, and two pretty goals to go along with it.  Champions League Finals Highlights!

The Rockets played game 7 and lost to the Warriors in a horribly officiated game with a terrible, terrible, 0 – 27 from 3 shooting streak.  That’s really unlikely.

Some guy in France is a real spider man who climbed a bunch of balcony’s to save a dangling kid!

Everyone should be glad that Lunhow doesn’t have a secret twitter account to insult players and former GM’s and coaches.  Or sad if you want that kind of juicy, juicy drama.

Links!  Enjoy them!

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