Around the League: Week 7

*crawls out of the hole from which he was buried*

Hey there. It’s been a minute, as the kids say. School+work+life have been, unfortunately, taking precedent over writing about baseball for me (we don’t live in a perfect world, my friends), but I’m back on, and this is going to be a more consistent thing again!

For those of y’all who missed the last one, this is going to be a weekly deal where I talk about MLB happenings around the league from the perspective of an Astros fan. Baseball is fun, even non-Astros baseball. So let’s talk baseball!

  • This is overdue, as many of these thoughts might be, due to my falling off the face of the earth for a while, but some baseball fights have happened. I, for one, find them to be awesome. Watching the initial conflict and the benches being cleared is exciting, and the bullpen guys sprinting across the outfield just in time for everything to die down is quite comical, if that’s more your taste. What I find interesting is how MLB’s media (social and otherwise) embraces their fights, in comparison to other sports, specifically basketball and football. When it happens in those sports, narrators try to play it down, nothing is posted on social media or discussed by the networks, etc. But when it happens in baseball, they go nuts. Part of this may be Manfred’s desire to spice up the game, but I’m into it.
  • Mike Trout is having a Mike Trout season. This guy is unreal. He currently has a 57.7 career WAR, 7.8 of Craig Biggio. THE GUY IS 26. HE’S ONLY BEEN IN THE BIGS FOR 8 SEASONS. It’s absurd. And, to be honest, I like the guy. Which is why I really hope he gets the hell out of Anaheim eventually (and goes somewhere in the NL, far far away) (or he just comes to Houston lololol).
  • Speaking of you, National League, what’s going on over there? Have you been doing drugs? Is this just a phase, or should we be worried? I just want you to call home and tell me how you’re doing every now and then. I miss you, but I don’t really know who you are right now. How are the Pirates in first? Why are the Dodgers awful? What’s this cluster-heck I’m watching in the eastern and central divisions? I just need answers. Please, National League.
  • Diving more into that, the top teams in the NL east remind me of the 2015 Astros. No one outside of Houston expected Houston to be a serious contender that year, and I’m sure many baseball fans in Atlanta and Philadelphia feel the same way now that many of us did then (“we told y’all these young guys would be good!”). I’m not saying the Braves and Phillies are serious contenders, but there are cases to be made for both of them.
  • While we’re reminiscing, remember how great the Dodgers were last year? Man, me too. Remember when we broke them? Yeah, me too. Poor, poor Dodgers. That being said, I think they’ll regress to the mean and be right there in the thick of things in the NL West in August. But, like the 2016 Astros, this awful start is leaving them with a small margin for error that’s shrinking with every bad loss.
  • Robinson Cano. Damn. I’m not really sure what to make of the whole deal except for perhaps this explains why he’s been such an Astros killer for so long. At any rate, it’s always strange to see this kind of stuff happen, especially since I feel like PED’s aren’t used as commonly in baseball as they used to. Or, at least people are getting better at hiding it.
  • Finally, gotta love Piscotty getting a home run in his first AB from his return from Bereavement leave. My good friend Kenny put this much better than I could have: How can you not be romantic about baseball?

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