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Evening links are much easier to write than morning links.  No stress, the Rockets are playing, and the kiddo is asleep.  This is exactly what my wife wants me doing with my free time.  You’re all welcome.  I do this for the thanks X D.

The Basics! (Someone, who shall not be named, complained about the green, so here’s Astros orange.  Better? Worse? Let me know in the comments or slack!  YOU’VE BEEN HOOKED AGAIN!

The Astros won today, so we get a recap from the local guys!

Altuve hit his first home run of the season, and the dugout celebrated how they should have.  25 games for a first home run? Unacceptable!

While the Astros won today…yesterday they were not so lucky.  The bats came alive, but the pitching couldn’t keep up for what felt like the first time all season (for the starters anyway).

You wouldn’t normally get a TCB link here, but….bilbos is in charge now!  ALL HAIL BILBOS.  He’s named after a hobbit because he’s short, don’t hold it against him.


Today the Rockets play the Timberwolves hoping to end the series in 5 games and move on to the second round.  All series, and through the first 2 quarters tonight Capela is on fire.  

In the world of soccer, Liverpool has a 5-2 lead over Roma in the Champions League semifinal.  They hope to stop Roma from repeating their epic comeback vs Barcelona to get to the finals.  Salah is amazing. His “no celebrating goals” stance (Roma is his former team) was not only classy, but made for a great celebration in its own right.

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