History Learned – Your Mostly Astros Mostly Daily Links!

Did you know that you can get links posts at any time of day?  Well you can!  History Learned is here to make sure you have links whenever you may want them!  Also: Check it out!  Cover picture!

The Basics:

Did you know the Astros won today (or yesterday, depending on when you read this?) They Did! Have an ESPN recap.  

Remember how there used to be that great gif oracle full of ….fun Astros moments?  Gattis decided to give us another!  The Astros: Turning double plays into to triple plays!

Time for my choice of links!

That guy who predicted the Astros would win a world series last year with the SI cover?  He wrote a book!  It’s called Astroball!

Have you ever thought “Hey, what would famous album covers look like if we put a bunch of Astros faces on them?”  You haven’t?  Neither have I!  But the chronicle did.  And it’s everything you hoped it would be!

The Boston Marathon was this week.  It was cold.  It was rainy.  If you were a runner all your life and had never won a race, placing second more times than you could count (including at the state championships!) would you stop to help another runner you thought had a better chance at winning?  This women did, and she ended up winning! By 4 minuets!  CRAZY!

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