Astros Win Game 1

The Astros started game number one of 162 with a win Thursday. The Astros got the win thanks to Justin Verlander, who pitched six innings of shutout baseball. I’m boring you already? This feels like a recap written by a website known for it’s cookie cutter recaps? Yeah, thought so. You already watched the game.

Why do I have to tell you how it went? I mean I could always make a recap where I eat a lot of TUMS. Oh wait, someone did that already. What about an ode to Evan Gattis? Nope, we’ve already got a Gattis fan boy on twitter that puts everyone to shame or has them get off twitter because his fandom is seriously creepy. What bout one where I talk about game five of the World Series? Oh, so I’m being told that Astros twitter took care of that Wednesday. What bout a starting 9, where all of us share our feelings about opening day? Nah, that’s taking an article type away from the site that had the original idea. Plus it takes too long.

What if I put up a box score and let you read off the hits and stuff? Too simple? I thought so too.

Wait! I’ve got it! Let’s talk about how the game went from a media standpoint. Yep, sounds boring. As a journalist myself, I like analyzing how annoying broadcast crews are. But how do we make it Astros centric since I watched the ESPN telecast? Let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the exceptional.

What I hated

Jon Sciambi- He’s got a good voice, and he clearly knows players names. That’s not the problem. The problem is the number of inside jokes, repeatedly saying he should be fired, and the number of times he looks directly at the camera when they do live look ins.

Inside jokes are bad because no one knows what you’re talking about. It’s one thing for an online baseball community to repeatedly call Chris Carter TROGDOR, call Bob Grossman a car salesmen, or call Brett Wallace Redhawks first basemen. It’s something entirely different when no one gets the joke.

It just seems unprofessional to say that you and your partner should be fired.

It’s a baseball game, not a news cast, you have someone to talk to. Talk to Sutcliffe instead of making faces at the camera! Sorry this kind of thing bothers me.

What was ok

The stories weren’t that bad. The worst one was them talking about Lucas Duda signing with the Royals because it had nothing to do with the Astros game. The best one was probably Springer’s bats being picked by manager A.J. Hinch.

What was great

Rick Sutcliffe is entertaining. He jokes around a bit more than I like, but he’s better than some of the other commentators..

Baseball being back, Justin Verlander, Jake Marisnick, and the four man outfield.

The rest

Alright, so I owe you the rest of a normal recap right? Well Devenski and Peacock came in after Verlander and pitched a scoreless 7th and 8th. The Astros scored runs on a Jose Altuve sac fly and a Correa double. Unfortunately Altuve went hitless in the game, and the team struggled with the bases loaded.

It doesn’t matter though because the Astros won. Baseball is back. Keuchel takes the mound tomorrow. Fister will be on the bump for the Rangers.

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